Friday, 3 August 2012


Disc Harrow can be mounted on a tractor by three point linkages and controlled by tractor hydraulics. Construction includes mainframe which embedds two gangs of discs mounted one behind another. Front gang cuts and throws soil in inward direction where as rear gang throws cut soil outwards hence complete soil is cut under its width. Its wide applications include primary as well as secondary tillage and it is ideal for preparing seed beds since it can effectively cut heavy clods, crop residues amd mixing them with organic manure completely. It is much used at Field Disking at Orchards, Plantations and Wineyards Cultivations.

Offset Disc Harrow is tractor hydraulic operated implement which trails behind the tractor and effectively breaks up clods with deeper penetration due to its heavy weight and design. Both disc gangs are offset at an angle to ensure no soil remains uncut and heavy crop residue with organic matter is effectively buried. Provision of handle screw enables it for the adjustment of inclination required for the disc penetration depth hence suitable for different cutting depths for varying soil conditions. Heavy duty sturdy mainframe with heavy duty spools and hardened discs ensure proper centerweight and longer life.

Special features
Sturdy Mainframe and design.
Handle Screw arrangement for cutting depth adjustment.
Hardened sharp edged discs to ensure proper cutting of roots and clods.
Easy to mount on tractor with three point linkages and easy to operate.
in mm
in mm.
in mm.
in mm
in Kgs.
10 Disc 1650 1550 1250 1150 310
11 Disc 1550 1800 1250 1420 340
12 Disc 2100 1500 1371 1250 355
14 Disc 2130 1803 1371 1450 410

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